Charlie Daniels

When I was looking to hire someone to design and maintain my website I spoke to several people in the music industry and Bruce Uher's name kept coming up. Bruce was highly recommended by a Nashville publicist that knew me and and was friends with him. We contacted Bruce and had a meeting on a Friday and was convinced he was the man for the job and he was hired on Monday. Bruce has worked for me now for almost ten years and everyone in the Charlie Daniels Band organzation has been well pleased with his hard work and dedication. He was first hired to maintain my website but now handles all our interactive media and the day to day things needing done in the office to help everyone with everything from computer help, designing promotional materials, graphic design, laying out our newsletters, shooting video, helping our crew on the road with production materials and designing my merchandise just to name a few.

When Bruce took over the job nothing worked and we were unable to conduct business or communicate with the fans on the website. Within a month he had a new website ready to launch that was beautiful and well laid out. My fans loved the site and what he had done especally the interaction he had created between me and my fans. Merchandise and music sales had skyrocketed on the site and we now have a succesful web presence thanks to Bruce. Bruce is now a very close friend and has been a major asset to me, my staff, my son and the whole Charlie Daniels Band organization and I would highly recommend him for all your interactive media needs.

Charlie Daniels

Richard Levy - Professional Pilot / Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

The first-class quality of my Web site and visibility to customers lead me to strongly endorse Bruce Uher MultiMedia-Interactive.

Bruce is so skilled and knowledgeable about the Web, he will not only help you build, maintain, and improve your site, but he will provide tips and suggestions as to how you can use other media. Your important message then radiates across the Internet to the widest audience possible.

When you need to call or e-mail Bruce, he makes himself personally available from the time your site is up and for every update you choose to make. You may meet with Bruce personally, or you may conduct your business solely over the Internet. Both ways are equally effective and successful.

My wife and I consider Bruce to be among the warmest, kindest, caring, and most professional people we have met. I am confident you will feel the same way about him. His work is on a par with "name" Web site development companies in Los Angeles and New York.

I recommend you contact Bruce Uher MultiMedia-Interactive for your World Wide Web needs. I believe you'll be very satisfied with the results.

Richard J. Levy

Larry Hughes - The Hartford Fair

August 31, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

In 2012 The Hartford Fair contacted MultiMedia-Interactive to design and develop a new website for the fair. Bruce Uher efficiently and swiftly complied with all our needs and not only delivered in a timely manner but exceeded our expectations. Bruce is a professional and a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend his web development skills and services.

Larry Hughes, Manager
The Hartford Fair

Dana Cheney - Medicine Man Custom Drums

If you want the best in multimedia productions including websites, CD business cards, video work, basically anything you can dream up involving multimedia, contact Bruce Uher at Multimedia Interactive. He will work with you to make sure you get the best of what you want and does it all at very, very reasonable prices. It's simple, if you want the best bang for your buck, Bruce is the person to talk to.

Thanks and God Bless!

Dana Cheney
Medicine Man Drums

Jennifer Schaefer - Author

"MultiMedia-Interactive far surpassed my expectations. Not only is Bruce Uher easy and fun to work with, but he is also a master designer and creative genius! My new website has generated more positive feedback and business than I ever imagined."



Sharlene Martin - Owner of Martin Literary Management

Bruce Uher (Multi-Media Interactive) is a fabulous web designer and webmaster. In the ever changing business I’m in, I must call on Bruce to make frequent updates to my website. They’re done the same day—many times even within the same hour of my request. He aims to please, has great ideas and is the consummate hard worker that you want for your website. Sharlene Martin, Martin Literary Management.

Tony Cole - Owner of Anthony Cole Training Group

Anthony Cole Training Group is the sales training industry. Who trains major corporations, banks, and insurance companies. Anthony Cole Training Group as relied on MMI for years to edit and produce their audio CDs that the business uses to help train its clients. We recently launched a new website for the company along with a cd business card.

Hello, my name is Tony Cole President and CEO of Anthony Cole Training Group. For several years now we have been working with Bruce Uher and Multi Media-Interactive. There are three very important reasons that we work with Bruce's company. Number one, we like him and we love to do business with someone we trust and have confidence in them. Number two, reliability, when we need projects done and in a hurry Bruce has been there for us. Number three, we scope the surface, as our company has grown we have learned that we can go to Multi Media for our web, audio visual, and techniques. If these three items are important to you and your company then Multi Media and Bruce are the partnership you need for you and your business.

Ricky Lynn Gregg - Country Music Artist

Hi everybody I'm Ricky Lynn Gregg, and I'm here to talk to you about Multi Media-Interactive and my friend Bruce Uher. Back in 1994 with Bruce Uher's help and Multi Media-Interactive, they created for me the first website, in history for a country music artist, They created the first website for me. And out of that we were able to go to Prime Time Country, to Nashville Now, to many more country outlets of media markets and video outlets and talk to them about my website. It was very thrilling at that point in 1994 to talk to them me having the first in country music history. I know that sounds a little weird coming from me looking like this, but I must admit that Bruce and I have accomplished many things. In 1994, Bruce put together for me an event called the Trail of Hope. Along with the help of many others, Bruce and I were able too accumulate $100,000.00 worth of product, Asprin, mouth wash, toothpaste, the essentials that people need on this earth. He helped me put together an event called Trail of Hope that we were able to take to different reservations, Indian reservations. I was able to connect with people all around the world and to this day, here it is 2005, I am able, right now through the internet, just today book 5 gigs in Switzerland, 2 weeks ago I booked 3 gigs in the Netherlands. Holland. Through the power of internet and Bruce Uher, everything's been possible, nothing has been impossible. And I must admit thanks to Bruce Uher and Multi Media-Interactive things have been wonderful for me.

Wild Horses - Country Music Group - Sony Recording Artist

Hi I'm Angela Ray and I'm Michael Mahler from Wild Horses. When we signed with Sony Records we had a million companies to choose from to create our website and to also handle our electronic press deal. We choose Multi Media-Interactive. Bruce Uher is cutting edge when it comes to visual presentation and creativity. And our fans love to log on to our website and watch our videos, buy our merchandise, check out our live dates to see where we're playing. It really works out great for us. As far as booking goes nothing works better then the CD business card. It's just another way that Multi Media-Interactive keeps us on the cutting edge.

Dave Hoover - Owner of Forklift Training Systems

Hi I'm Dave Hoover I'm President of Fork Lift training System. I'd like to tell you a little bit about Multi Media-Interactive. In 1999 when I started the business was looking for marketing materials and I came across Bruce Uher and Multi Media-Interactive. They helped me design my website and helped design CD-ROM business cards to help expand our business and they hosted our website. In 2004, we doubled our business and expanded and we once again called upon Bruce to redesign our website and come up with some neat overall marketing materials for our company. We've been very satisfied with what he's done and he's very reliable and cost effective. We would recommend him to anyone looking for great marketing materials and great website design. Thank you very much.

Bobby Stocker - Professional Drummer

I met Bruce back several years ago when he started working with a band I was in called American Grease. I was amazed with the technology and the knowledge that he posessed. I've not only seen his multimedia capabilities but I have also seen his ability to put on many successful full production shows. From bringing in monster staging and lights, promotion, and booking huge acts. I have had the opportunity to play with some major acts which were freinds of Bruce's that he booked on these shows. He put together a show for us called "The Time Travel Tour" it was a forty year history of rock n roll with full production, lights and a video projection system that projected video clips of the original performers that we were singing on stage live. Bruce and Daryn Ranta put this show together for us and the show was just incredible.

Dhillon Khosla - Attorney / Author

I chose Bruce to redesign and maintain my website for my book tour and press appearances. What is amazing is that Bruce not only beats any rate by any competitor, he consistently outperforms them - providing faster service, superior content, seamless video streaming, and creative designs that drive traffic to the site. In fact, several broadcast interviewers, both in radio and television, expressly stated how impressed they were with my website and how it played a part in their selection of me as their guest. Bottom line – if you are someone with high expectations, Bruce will exceed them, every time.


Ron Saxen - Author

Bruce Uher was highly recommended to me by two different people. What made partnering with Bruce a "no brainer" was hearing that the whole process would be painless and push-button-important given my lack of computer skills. Knowing that the price quoted would contain no hidden fees, didn't hurt either. The reaction to my website has been tremendous and it's creation effortless.

Bruce has exceeded my expectation.

IFCO (International Fan Club Organization)

Little changes more quickly in today's fast-paced world than music, entertainment and communication. For our business, which is heavily involved with fan clubs, artists, industry officials, music industry events and the fans / public, the website is a vital tool. Providing current, reliable news and information is an absolute must. Interactive visitor and member sections are essential. Ours is a very hands-on company, preferring to handle much of the day-to-day operation and website content... which frequently requires fast, expert assistance. Having met Bruce Uher and discussing our goals, needs, and expectations, we felt confident that Multimedia Interactive could provide the design expertise, seamless operation and technical support that we want... all at no sticker-shock cost. Bruce has consistently proved that we made the
right choice.

Loudilla, Loretta & Kay Johnson

Dick Thomas - Executive Director of The Ohio River Trails Inc.

"My name is Dick Thomas and I am the Executive Director of Ohio River Trails, Inc., a non-profit organization, with the primary task of managing the Ohio River Scenic Byway, an asignment of the Federal government, in Ohio. We support local governments in the fourteen Counties through which the Byway passes along the River in the state. That assistance includes securing funding for projects that advance a travel and tourism economy (presently over $5 billion a year in those Counties. It is our additional duty to promote tourism in the cited area."

In informing the general public of the merits of visiting our service area, we utilize numerous printed materials; data on four separate web sites; appearances before travel organizations, service clubs, and other groups; and travel show participation.

However, by far, our best promotion tool has been a DVD fully prepared by the Multimedia-Interactive firm of Bruce Uher. Uher spent over a year in combining his professional photography skills with excellent script presentation to provide an interesting audio visual piece that not only highlights attractions for those considering a visit to the 462 mile Byway, but, also, serves as an intransit aid for actual visitors by tour bus.

Be assured, we highly recommend Multimedia-Interactive for photography, web, and DVD production.


Dick Thomas
Executive Director