We carry and develop a wide variety of products due to the many different services we offer here at MultiMedia-Interactive. Everything from special packaging to the actual CD or DVD discs and even discs shaped in the form of a logo or a CD Ticket. Here are some of the many products we offer here at MultiMedia-Interactive.

Back in 1983 when the CD format was introduced not everyone had a computer until the internet evolved around 1995 now every household has a computer, sometimes more than, and every office has computers. With the computer age at it's peak the Interactive CD-ROM format is in high demand.

We here at MultiMedia-Interactive were pioneer's at compressing video and creating interactive CD-ROMS back in the early 80's when the CD format just got started. It was through years and years of experimentation that we reached the point where we knew what we were doing and were turning out high quality work.

Today we create interactive CD-ROMS for major corporations, small businesses, and music artists. With the Enhanced format now becoming popular more and more businesses and music artists are taking advantage of the interactive CD format.


Be sure to visit our Portfolio Section on this site to view our samples of the many Interactive CD-ROM'S we have produced.


Imagine an ordinary compact disc that can be customized into virtually any shape. Just think it could be your logo or perhaps a visual representation of your brand or even a design of a message you are promoting? Now imagine that this revolutionary CD actually works as a playing audio CD or a CD-ROM... It's true and it's available right here from your freinds at Multimedia-Interactive.

What better way to create the impact you want from your promotion then a Designer Shaped CD? What better way to deliver your message but remember not only does the CD itself deliver the message by being in the shape of your choice but the content on the CD is the message your trying to get across. Your message becomes a powerful vehicle that consumers see, hear, feel and interact with over and over again! Plus the CD will be compatible with both IBM PC and Apple Macintosh computers.

Here are just a few of the possible applications Designer Shaped CD's could be used for:

You just came out with a new product and you want the world to know about how great it is then why not deliver your message on a Designer Shaped CD in the shape of your new product with a high impact multimedia presentation that could include everything the end user would need to know about your new product including, applications, safety, where to buy, online updates, the possibilities are

Impress your prospective new clients by providing them with all the information they will need in making decisions about your company, products, or services.

Make your product or service stand out above the rest by utilizing today's technology by adding an audio and visual impact only Designer Shaped CD's can provide.

This is an effective and cost efficient way to promote your message. Use the Designer Shaped CD as a promotional giveaway, added value, in pack or on pack promotion, mail in incentive. etc......

A Designer Shaped CD will be eye catching, appealing and unforgettable at your next trade show. They will be the first item to be gathered and the end user will be enjoying the CD in their home or office. The CD Business Cards are ideal because they fit in your shirt pocket and carry a promotion with a punch.

What better way to increase sales by providing your sales staff with a motivating sales presentation on a Designer Shaped CD. With this marketing tool there will be no need to transport awkward presentation materials and the CD can be shipped to the prospective client and give a complete presentation as if you had a sales representative right there. But better yet think of the money your company will save by elliminating expensive travel expenses like airline tickets, meals, and other expenses incurred by a sales person.

The Designer Shaped CD could be a complete instructional video or training presentation that can include interactivity and can even conduct a final exam or test with the results being faxed, printed, or even e-mailed to your office.

Your Designer Shaped CD could be used as a fundraiser for schools or colleges.

Just think a collectors item or a limited edition CD.



Be sure to visit our Portfolio Section on this site to view our samples of the many Shape CD's we have produced.

This CD Ticket is being used as a promotional tool for bookings and radio station giveaways. This CD Ticket includes:

• Live Performance Video
• Video Interviews From All Members
• Biography
•Slide Shows
•Booking Information
•Six Corporate Sponsors With Weblinks
and more.....

Virtually counterfeit-proof, CD Tickets are ideal for any event with controlled access, including trade shows, concerts, corporate conferences, private parties, sporting and theatrical productions and even political rallies. CD Tickets can entice listeners with an interview or song from the stars, tie into a sponsor promotion, act as a fan club premium, provide details and directions, drive consumers to a retailer or promote upcoming events. As treasured collectibles, CD Tickets let the experience live on, while acting as a constant brand reminder.

The new way to gain entrance into special events, the CD Ticket takes center stage. A valuable keepsake that takes the place of a paper invitation, throw away ticket stub or VIP pass. The CD Ticket becomes a cherished memento for the ticket holder long after the event has ended.

Your CD Ticket may even include a hole on top of the CD to accommodate a custom lanyard.

The CD Ticket is custom-manufactured, with or without a "breakaway" tab and may be individually numbered.

The CD Ticket can also be both IBM PC and Apple Macintosh compatible!


Be sure to visit our Portfolio Section on this site to view our samples of the many CD Tickets we have produced.

The CD Business Card is a custom CD that is cut in the shape of a business card and will fit in your wallet, purse, pocket, or a standard envelope. It holds up to 50MB of interactive multimedia and will play in a standard CD-ROM drive on both an IBM PC and Apple Macintosh computer. The CD Business Card can contain a complete presentation with graphics, audio and video.



What All Can It Do?

Basically it will do anything you can think of. The CD Business Card can hold a complete multimedia presentation with text, graphics, animation, video, narration and photos. The card can also contain a weblink to your website or link the user directly to your e-mail address and can contain hundreds of these links. The card will get you noticed, bring you sales, and draw people to your website.

What Can It Do For Your Organization?

Educate, Entertain, Inform, Involve, and Communicate. This revolutionary idea is changing the way people do business. Using a high tech marketing tool such as this with a high impact multimedia presentation you will promote your message to the highest level of effectiveness. Just imagine everything anyone would ever need to know about your business or organization in the palm of their hand! Now that’s powerful!

Imagine handing a potential client a CD Business Card. You just put everything about your business or organization in the palm of their hand that they can examine it at their leisure at a fraction of what traditional marketing tools would cost. Many times it is very difficult to get the time and attention needed to clearly get your message across but not anymore. The CD Business Card is a salesman's dream tool. Get heard, get noticed, look professional, draw people to your website and generate sales, call MultiMedia-Interactive today and find out how you can get this revolutionary marketing tool.

• Product Demos
• Presentations
• Services
• Catalogs
• Press Kits
• Tutorials
• Manuals

"The Possibilities Are Endless"

Atlantic Recording Artist Confederate Railroad came to MultiMedia-Interactive to create a CD Business Card for promotional uses. The first CD Business Card that was done for the band contains their video "She Took It Like a Man" and the second CD Business Card we produced includes their latest video "That's What Brother Do" along with all the necessary information on the band such as bio, booking information, and a link to their website.


Landstar, one of today's leading trucking companies uses their CD Business Card as a recruiting tool. The CD contains all the information about the company on the CD, contact information and a link to their website. The CD Business Card is also used to send to potential clients informing them of what they have to offer.



Inland Yacht Club uses the CD Business Card as a marketing tool. The CD contains information about their house boat rental plans by showing them the complete program in a full length video. The CD also contains a link to their website and contact information.



Budweiser along with Exclusive Sports Marketing in Boca Raton Florida utilized the CD Business Card to market their Dig The Beach volleyball tournaments on both coasts of Florida. The CD contain a full length marketing video along with valuable information on each event, link to their website and contact information. This CD was a valuable tool to help promote and market the events.

The supermarket giant Publix was one of the sponsors on the Dig The Beach events and was so impressed with the results from the CD they decided to have MultiMedia-Interactive create a CD Business Card for their Publix Family Fitness Weekend events. The CD was identical to the Dig The Beach concept and included a full length video for marketing the event but also included valuable information for the contestants. The CD included information about each event including rules, maps, and dates.


Forklift Training Systems, one of the largest forklift training companies in the U.S. came to MultiMedia-Interactive when they first went into business needing marketing materials. Along with a website we created them a CD Business Card that contains detailed information on the company along with valuable tools for any industry including rules and regulations, OSHA forms, and Safety information along with a link to their website and online catalog of forklift and safety products.


Be sure to visit our Portfolio Section on this site to view our samples of the many CD Business Cards we have produced.


Let's face it traditional paper trading cards served their purpose in their time but with today's technology we can produce an Interactive CD-ROM Trading Card that will provide a kid with hours of fun and entertainment. These new CD Trading Cards can contain video highlights, personal
interviews, stats, interactive trivia game, and more.

These CD Trading Cards can be used for all types of sports including football, basketball, hockey, baseball, racing, wrestling and even soccer. The possibilities are endless. We can produce a CD Trading Card that can hold up to 39 MB or 130 MB depending on which style is used. These CD Trading Cards are both IBM PC and Apple Macintosh compatible. Let MultiMedia-Interactive produce you an Interactive CD-ROM Trading Card today.



MultiMedia-Interactive is the originator of this new and innovative product we call the CD Greeting Card.

What better way to deliver a holiday message than to send all your clients a real working interactive CD Greeting Card. The CD Greeting Card contains holiday music for your clients to enjoy with a special message from you and your staff plus games, history, holiday slide shows, screen savers, interactive crossword puzzles and more.

We can customize your CD Greeting Card by designing the foldover card to suit your needs. We can also customize the content on the CD itself by adding a customized greeting screen along with a voiceover when the CD starts to play in the end users computer.

CD Greeting Cards are user friendly there is no software to install it's as simple as putting the disc in the CD-ROM drive and it will auto-start. Plus the CD is both PC and MAC compatible.

The CD Greeting Card comes complete with foldover card that holds the CD and has a place for writing a personal message, the interactive CD Greeting Card and envelope ready to send. The CD Greeting Card can be mailed using a standard first class postage stamp.

For more detailed information on CD Greeting Cards please visit our CD Greeting Cards website.