In today's world more and more business is being done at the touch of a button. To stay ahead of the competition you must be innovative and interactive. By utilizing today's multimedia technology businesses and music artists both are delivering an audio and visual presentation that allows the end user to experience far more information than they ever dreamed of at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

By delivering their message in the form of Video, Interactive CD-ROM, Enhanced CD, DVD and the Internet we are now providing their audience with a highly professional, informative and entertaining means of delivery.

Since 1985 one company has answered to the demands of the small businesses, corporations and the music industry needs. One company has supplied the services, knowledge and technology to keep pace with new opportunities. The company that so many businesses and music artists rely on is MultiMedia-Interactive.

MultiMedia-Interactive is a turn-key business that designs, develops and produces the highest quality easy to use interactive media tools available today. Every project is authored in house from start to finish including scripting, graphic design, filming, music composition and professional narration, which in turn, help's keep costs down and in the long run saves our clients money.

The main reason our business has been such a success over the years is because of our reputation. As you will see from some of the interviews from our clients we have strived to make our customers number one. We work closely with our customers to produce the most effective marketing materials available that will in turn generate them leads, drive sales and help them do this by reducing their costs.

Corporations such as Budweiser, Post Cereals, Wells Fargo Bank, and Bath & Body Works, along with major music artists such as Charlie Daniels, Sony recording artist Wild Horses, Atlantic recording artist Confederate Railroad, RMG recording artist Ricky Lynn Gregg and George Jones have also relied on Multimedia-Interactive for interactive media production, video and website development. You have probably already interacted with one of our products through a CD you received in the mail, a commercial on television, or a website you visited.

Over the years as computers, CD-ROMS and the internet became more popular businesses and the music industry relied on MultiMedia-Interactive to produce interactive marketing materials as this new revolution in marketing had just started to evolve.

Bruce Uher, founder and owner, of MultiMedia-Interactive is a pioneer in the interactive business and started the business back in 1985 creating marketing materials for small businesses, corporations and major country and rock artists. This was back in an age where the computer revolution was just in its beginning stages and a thing called the internet wasn't even introduced to the general public. He started programming computers at the age of twelve when he had and Atari game and was fascinated by the games and wanted to figure out how to create them. He started on a Tandy Model 1 which was the first computer Radio Shack ever sold. This was back in the day where you just didn't go to the store and buy software you had to write it. As time passed he moved up through the different models of Tandy computers including the Color Computer and programmed the OS9 Operating System which NASA still uses today. He bought his first IBM Compatible PC that came on the market and the computer world was about to change.

He graduated from Coshocton High School in Coshocton, Ohio where he was fortunate to have a school that had it's own TV studio. This is where he got his start in video production. Bruce credits teacher Steve Mitchell and technical director Jeff Haines for his early help and interest in video production. Bruce still operates his multimedia business but has been a full time employee for the past ten years for the legendary country music artist Charlie Daniels. Bruce handles all of the design and creation of marketing and promotional materials and interactive media and maintains the official Charlie Daniels website.

Tim Uher has been programming computers since graduating from Coshocton High School in the early 70's. After graduating high school he went to Muskingum Area Technical College and majored in computer programming. Right out of college he worked as a programmer for Pretty Products Inc., the largest car mat manufacturers in the world, for 27 years. He is very knowledgeble with scripting languages, Cold Fusion, Turbo C++ Professional, PHP and other computer languages.


Daryn Ranta is one of the most talented graphic artists around. His ability to start a project from white paper to finish is simply amazing. His airbrush work can be seen all over the country on murals, signs, vehicles, tour busses and more. Daryn is a true PhotoShop and Illustrator professional. Daryn is also our animation and Flash designer.


Amanda Jo Darr graduated from Central Ohio Technical College and Zane State College and joined the MultiMedia-Interactive team in 2009. Amanda started out as a camera operator but now works in the office designing projects from start to finish and maintaining websites.


Anthony Martin is a producer, musician, background vocalist and music industry veteran. A former SONY A&R and artist development executive, Anthony has taken on many roles including production credits for such superstars as Martina McBride, Pam Tillis, and Montgomery Gentry. His background vocals can be heard on projects for Colin Raye, Shania Twain, and Pam Tillis, among others. Anthony is of Cherokee heritage and was born in rural Harlem, Georgia. He was adopted into the Boyd family of the Fort Peck Sioux tribe.



In the Spring of 2001 Stadia World Magazine published an article about the CD Tickets that MultiMedia-Interactive had produced and the impact that the concept had reached.




In 1997 Music Row Magazine published an article on the huge success of the Trail of Hope project that MultiMedia-Interactive developed for country music artist Ricky Lynn Gregg.




Bruce Uher Sets the Bar for Streaming Broadcast Technology in the Music Industry

Bruce Uher not only runs a successful business, MultiMedia Interactive, for over 30 years working for some of Nashville’s biggest stars, but he also is the founder of MusicArtists4U, a company that helps talented but often-overlooked musicians find media outlets. Over at MusicArtist4U, Bruce provides each of his quality musical artists with a place where they can offer their songs and Cd’s for sale and audiences can connect. In addition to all of this he is arranging tours and mainstream media events for them to help get their name and music out there. Even with his busy schedule, Bruce has made time to participate in our annual Veterans Day Telethon on Nov 6th along with several of his talented artists.

Bruce Uher came up with the idea of MusicArtists4U fifteen years ago but had to wait for technology to catch up to his vision before he could launch it. He grew up in the 1960's and ’70's and enjoyed watching music shows on television. This love for those old shows plus his concern over the number of highly-talented musicians who weren’t getting airtime in larger media markets made him decide to open his own outlet for these musicians.

He has planned much more than just a virtual music store over at MusicArtist4U. People will not only be able to come to the site to listen and download good music from new and old artists, but they will also be able to watch television shows featuring their favorite genres. His country music station, hosted by Keith Bilbrey is up and running and he is working on a Rock & Roll show to be hosted by the Ghoul. He also offers streaming radio shows which showcase his stars. As you can see, MusicArtist4U is far more than a music store.

MusicArtists4U also promotes charities like St. Jude’s Hospital by asking its stars to autograph guitars and other memorabilia and then auctioning them off. It is because of this spirit of public service and giving back attitude that Bruce is working with our Veterans Day Telethon event.

Bruce Uher’s presence on the Telethon stage is a confirmation of the growing importance of streaming broadcast technology which allows its users the ability to create their own shows and stars outside of the umbrella of major media outlets.

We are thrilled to be working with Bruce and affording him yet another chance to showcase his artists. Most of all, it is an opportunity for him to join with the rest of America in honoring our veterans and our flag.

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